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Nestled in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, just a minute walk to the Bank of Mongolia and the Development Bank, Furnetics maintains a small corporate office for on-site client services in the capital of Mongolia. All inquires may be directed to our client services office, which is staffed three days a week. Our research and production facilities are not publicly disclosed, and despite the curiosity of the general public about our operations, we do not provide tours of these areas to protect the confidentiality of our proprietary services and the privacy of our clients.

In addition, we have satellite offices in Brussels and Nairobi where prospects are able to authenticate their interests and ability to become customers, complete required medical screening exams, and learn a high-level overview of the details of our services. These offices are able to accommodate the needs of many Genetic Maintain™ and Genetic Select™ customers.

QuestionsFrequently Asked and Answered

Will you post or send pictures to prove your services?

No. We do not market our services, our clients learn about our innovative services by word of mouth. We do not feel compelled to breach our client's privacy or the trust all of our prospects and clients place in us as a confidential provider of unique services. We are additionally barred by the regulations of other developed nations from publishing private medical information about our patients, and while proud of our accomplishments, none of our clients to date have elected to share their histories or their results with the world at large through publicity stunts or public displays of their finished products.

We do, however, provide in-depth reviews of our services through portfolio books and case histories of clients who have elected to share their information with other validated prospects. We carefully validate our prospects through an identity and financing check prior to engaging in discussions with a genetic counselor to authenticate individuals as valid prospects to whom we can render services prior to disclosing specific information or imagery of other clients who have entrusted us with this ability. Consultations regarding our Renovations line of services are not made in our Brussels or Nairobi offices; clients are required to meet at our Ulaanbaatar client services office to formally review the wide spectrum of options and case histories that accompany these customized and complex services.

Do you provide financing options for your services

No. Our services are prepaid in US dollar cash-equivilant instruments prior to technical consultations. We apologize, but we are unable to offer grants, waivers, discounts, sponsorships, or exchanges of notes, equities, or other price-variable products in-kind, for any of our services at this time.

I have an ethical or moral question about your services

We do not answer requests for ethical or moral justifications for our services. We offer our services as an elective therapeutic or cosmetic procedure for clients who pass a rigorous physical exam and mental and emotional screening evaluation to determine suitability. Prospects who are determined to be seeking our services to address challenges or meet psychological needs that genetic transformation alone are unable to sustain are removed from consideration, often permanently. While we appreciate the interest and concern of the many people, religious organizations, and concerned medical professionals across the world, we strongly believe in empowering each individual with a sound mind the option to choose their identity and their destiny.

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15 S├╝khbaatar Square,

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