Furnetics Services

We are a private corporation, previously incorporated in the UK and now domiciled in Mongolia, providing innovative gene therapy services that range from treatments for rare medical disorders to life changing, whole-body altering transformations tailored to drastically change a body's appearance and function. As a recent world-wide sensation, we have been featured in a variety of publications due to the extreme and innovative work we perform on living human bodies, achieving a generational leap in medical and genetic technologies.

  • Genetic Maintain™

    Learn how we use your genetic make up as a map to get you from how you were born to be, to how want to live.More

  • Phenotype Renovations™

    Unlock your potential, and realize your dreams with a total body transformation process to provide a drastically redesigned look and new capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.More

  • Genetic Select™

    Guide Mother Nature's hand in designing your offspring to succeed in a globally competitive environment.More

  • Genotype Renovations

    Creating new types of life is an ultimate power reserved for very few. Utilizing the same unique technology as our Phenotype services, pass your design and your will down for generations to come.More