Furnetics Phenotype Renovations™

Phenotype Renovations® gives you control: the control over your body you have always desired, the control over your own destiny. Through patented recombinant DNA technology, coupled with our revolutionary partial-organic dissolution chambers and next generation gene sequencing RNA chain building engines, most any body modification can be affected. Have you ever wanted a higher metabolism without expensive athletic training medications? Would a broader chest or increased height give you the attention you desire? Are you simply unhappy with the human form? Hundreds have answered yes and enrolled in, completed, and have enjoyed success with the results Phenotype Renovations can offer.

While our Phenotype Renovations® have obvious applications as replacements for expensive, dangerous, and non-lasting plastic surgery techniques, they also give you unrivaled ability to chose not only your appearance, but your entire shape, size, and structure in a lasting way. A body with a blueprint will always aspire to retain its original design, and molding it with inserts or nipping and tucking living tissue is neither permanent nor optimal. Real change comes from adjusting the blueprint: keeping what you like, changing what you wish to redesign and improve.

Contact a Phenotype Renovations Counselor today and discover how safe, effective, and permanent Furnetics Phenotype Renovations truly is. Unlike our competitors which bare higher mortality and dissatisfaction rates, we have never recorded a fatal complication from our service. Also unlike our competitors, our bio-structural engineers carefully craft modified parts after your own image, retaining your unique facial curvatures in the finished design. By contrast, our competitors simply provide customers with stock forms that may not look unique or retain any original physical traits. Our Premium Warranty Plan option gives you the flexibility to modify the Renovations result if you are not completely satisfied at no additional charge.

Our services range from a set of popular templates, packages we call the Morphic Series. Discerning clients can also design a customized, unique set of features in a genetic code unique to the universe through our Morphic X Design Services. Explore our prepared Morphic Series package options below, but keep in mind that we have many more options available to our template designs, and if your desired customization is not listed here, the effect can often be achieved through our Morphic X Design Services. Or, to embrace the next generation of our Renovations line of services, click here to learn more about our Genotype Renovations premium packages. Pricing is provided as a guide; however, specific details that are specified as part of the design consultation process may increase the price due to complexity and custom sequencing requirements.


Option Description Morphic Wolf Morphic Otter Morphic Vulpine Morphic Feline
Base Price
Includes requisite physical exams, mental and emotional suitability assessments, ten psychological consultations, five design sessions, the base renovation transformation, and included options, as noted below.
$7M $7M $7M $7M
Body-Wide Follicle Stimulation
This modification converts sweat glands into hair follicles through a complex dissolution and reconstruction process, giving the customer a full, growing pelt of fur. Note that seasonal shedding may occur. Over 120 colors in 850 patterns are available.
Limb Restructuring:
While a certain level of limb restructuring is included with the basic package to obtain the desired form, some Morphic designs may be enhanced with digigrade limbs, different joint types, or other major modifications.
Inc. N/A $1M $1M
Muzzle Generation
To complete the desired Morphic look, changes in jaw structure, oral muscles, mucus membranes, olfactory surfaces, and dentition are required.
Skull Enhancement
Some Morphic designs require a smaller or restructured cranium. Our patent-pending Preservation Resizing technology allows for resizing and positioning of neurological elements without adversely affecting neurological functioning.
Inc. $500K Inc. $500K
Tail Generation
Many Morphic designs require a functional tail which usually involves spinal extensions or modifications and which may require significant modifications to the neurological system, which may improve balance by shifting the natural center of gravity. Limit one tail per individual.
Claws (Deluxe Option)
Standard packages leave hands covered in fur, but without claws (stationary or retractable). Either type of claw may be added to all four limbs for a modest price.
$75K stationary / $150K retractable
Lung Capacity Modification (Deluxe Option)
Pulmonary modifications will improve breathing and metabolic usage of oxygen in oxygen-poor or underwater conditions.
N/A Inc. N/A N/A
Metabolic Adaptation (Deluxe Option)
Custom adaptations to stomach, liver, and other gastrointestinal organs can be made to optimize an individual for a diet resembling their Morphic appearance. Modifications for all-meat and all-fish diets are available.
$250K Inc. Inc. $250K
Prehensile Tail (Deluxe Option)
This option allows grasp via an improved tail musculature.
N/A $100K[1] N/A $250K
Sensory Enhancement (Deluxe Option)
This combination package improves night vision, olfactory sensation (sense of smell and taste), and provides pheromone recognition abilities with minor neurological adaptations. [2]
Inc. $250K $250K Inc.

[1] While the Prehensile Tail deluxe option is available for the Morphic Otter design, the prototypical thick, tapering tail of the otter form impedes the full use of the tail as a secure grasping device.

[2] Please note that pheromone recognition may affect regular neurological and sexual functioning when pheromones are recognized. While most customers report improved sexual functioning with the Sensory Enhancement package with pheromone recognition, this feature may possibly be detrimental to monogamous relationships through heightened sexual drive.

[3] Stringent prerequisites are established and are tested as part of the application process. Please be aware that congenital defects, poor health as evidenced by genetic markers, medical history, the presence of antibodies that suggest exposure to certain infectious diseases, or surgical needs to address trauma (including transplants and transfusions) may preclude individuals from consuming this service due to the complexities and drastic changes involved.