The world's only provider of customized genetic body modification solutions. Please take a moment to discover the wide array of solutions we offer and find which solution is right for you. Unleash my POTENTIAL.


We are a private corporation, previously incorporated in the UK and now domiciled in Mongolia, providing innovative gene therapy services that range from treatments for rare medical disorders to life changing, whole-body altering transformations tailored to drastically change a body's appearance and function. As a recent world-wide sensation, we have been featured in a variety of publications due to the extreme and innovative work we perform on living human bodies, achieving a generational leap in medical and genetic technologies.

  • we're safe

    Great change without great risk.

    Furnetics' patented and proprietary processes stretch the limits of imagination and creativity, without sacrificing our commitment to safe, effective processes that protect the physical, mental, and emotional health of our valued customers.

  • we're private

    Unprecedented privacy for discerning clientele

    Furnetics understands our customers: focused, demanding, and private. We hold our client's privacy and identity strictly confidential by utilizing a world-class network of medical professionals and a wide range of technologies designed to meet your high expectations.

  • we're real

    Our mystique is alluring, but our results are demonstrated.

    Our closely kept, confidential services are often the topic of speculation and intrigue; however, we would love to opportunity to show you how we can change the rest of your life and allow you to recognize your untapped potential. Don't believe us, we'll show you.

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  • Our corporate web presence: Reloaded

    We have graced the online world and tantalized its denizens for over a decade. We hope you enjoy our revamped web presence which includes our latest product offerings that are sure to excite and invigorate your imagination. With Furnetics, your potential is bound only by your dreams.

  • Research for Morphic Equine sequencing begins..

    The Hephaestus Group, our research and development arm, has announced plans to begin work on an equine package due to customer demand. Customers desiring equestrian traits have thus been satisfied by our customized Morphic X design services, but our standardization of a new template will drastically decrease our time-to-finish for future clients.

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  • Research facility coming to Iran: 2015.

    We're proud to announce following detailed negotiations with the Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran, Furnetics will open a research and development satellite office in Iran by 2015.

  • Color your world.

    The Hephaestus Group, our research and development arm, has completed final trials on claw colors. Over 27 unique shades and opacities may be selected and persist with future growth. Previously, only a milky cream, was available. We will introduce these options for all newly-commissioned designs.